C a t h e r i n e   C h a n d l e r

Communication and human relationships serve as a broad foundation for my work. I am interested in specific moments such as self-censorship—those moments when we hold back from expressing ourselves to another person. There is a duality to withholding communication—on one hand, it can feel as if we are stifled, and yet on the other, it is an active choice. The motivations for these actions can vary as well—from feeling as if one is not worthy of having their voice heard, to simply wishing to respect another person.

Drawing on the physical manifestations of these experiences, I create wearable neckpieces and objects that visually convey an emotional, intangible experience. Additionally, my work conveys different aspects of these moments, such as feeling bound or restricted, to a sense of power or freedom. Each piece conveys a different aspect of self-censorship, from being turned away, to the physical burden of weight and constriction one might feel, to the release and lifted weight when one lets go.