A New Season, In More Ways Than One

A New Season, In More Ways Than One

Mt Tabor Reservoir

This morning was crisp and foggy as we made our way to the gym at 5 am--a sure sign that Autumn has officially settled in. With almost no rainy days during September and October, one could easily be fooled into thinking it was still summer most days! Rain is forecast for the end of the week and although it may foil some plans I have, I am anticipating it with open arms. I am finding that this is how I am now with seasons--by the end of one, I am thoroughly looking forward to the next. 

In early September, my husband and I ventured to Boise, Idaho for a show! Boise Art in the Park was a wonderful experience and a successful show filled with new customers, seeing a few friends, and spending time with my stepmom. That was followed quickly by a visit from my oldest brother who I haven't seen in a few years--such a blessing to see him again!

At the end of September, we ventured to Memphis for one of my sisters' weddings. We had such a blast and got to see family members from the East Coast who I hadn't seen in years if not decades. We also made a trip to the National Ornamental Metal Museum, which was so fun, and got some really good BBQ at Cozy Corner. Upon our return home, we tested positive for Covid (boooo!!), so had to cancel being at Hood River Harvest Fest--a super bummer since it is such a fun show. Next Year!

Now, I am prepping to send pieces to New York for Metal+Smith's next Pop Up Shop (yay!!) and am making work for the next THREE holiday shows I'm doing! You can bet I will be upping my intake of Vitamin C over the next couple of months and steering clear of gatherings to ensure I am healthy enough for all the shows. 

I am also navigating some BIG life changes (all while trying to get in studio time to prep for shows), but that seems par for the course in this "Year of Overwhelm". Our lives will greatly benefit in the end, and I know that we can manage through it. Whenever life throws these curve balls at you, I find it best to remind myself: "I can do hard things!" And so I will.


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