Jewelry for the Adventurous at Heart

Modern jewelry inspired by the places that delight your soul. Made with love so you can take your adventures with you.

About the Jewelry

I create jewelry inspired by the natural world, discovered through adventures around the Pacific Northwest and travels worldwide. My designs have a modern appeal, focusing on clean lines and abstracted shapes. The stones are hand-selected—as unique as those who wear them—and the metal comes from high quality recycled sources. Every piece of jewelry is Made with Love, and Made to Last.

  • Stunning Stones

    Jewelry lovers over the world will tell you how stones captivate them--I am certainly no exception! Often, my inspiration comes from the stone itself--the color, shape, or a pattern within the stone will speak to me of a place or element of nature that I feel a connection to, and off I go to create!

  • Natural Elements

    I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, and became very curious and aware of my surroundings. That curiosity sparked my love of flora and fauna from all over the world--from the Pacific Northwest, to the Sierra Nevadas, and even places like Australia and Italy. Inspiration is everywhere.

  • Mini Collections

    Since I am a one-woman show, I find that I work best when I am creating and releasing "mini-collections." These tend to be centered around a type of stone or a theme, like the above collection. Much of what I make is One of a Kind, with a few core elements that are growing.

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