About the Jewelry

Throughout Catherine Chandler's collections of hand-fabricated jewelry, you will see an intense love of nature. This extends beyond the motifs, and into the actual materials used. Stones are sourced from independent stone cutters, and all silver and gold used are from recycled sources.

Amongst most collections, you will see a mix of bright sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver--during the process of finishing, these selections are determined based on the color and type of stone, as well as the overall theme and knowledge that some people prefer one style over the other. Oxidized silver is darkened using Liver of Sulphur, a natural element that will not cause skin irritation. This finish is then brushed back to reveal a steely gray color that contrasts nicely with the stones.




About The Artist

Catherine Chandler is a jeweler and metalsmith from Oregon. Having grown up in the forests of SW Portland and the broad hills of the Columbia River Gorge, Catherine brings an intense love of the Pacific Northwest to her work. With an affinity for clean lines and a great attention to detail, she creates modern and unique jewelry for the adventurous at heart. Sterling silver, gold, and unique stones are highlights in her one-of-a-kind and limited edition creations.

Her work shows a fondness for abstraction and subtle details—influences from her time studying abroad in Australia. She has participated in numerous group shows, including exhibitions in the USA and Australia. Catherine graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Oregon College of Art and Craft. When not traversing the trails around the area with her dog, Catherine can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband or spending quality time with friends and family.