I am not a winter person. I hate being cold. I thoroughly dislike slogging around in cold, wet muck. Driving in conditions that could easily see me flying off the side of a road scares the dickens out of me. Having said that, I can absolutely appreciate the stillness that snow brings, the blinding landscape it creates with soft curves and contrasting colors, and the forced rest it requires.

Snow covered front yard with a large oak tree

We were not exactly expecting a big snow storm this year--the Farmers Almanac, tv stations, and all the old timers around, were predicting a mild and wet winter. Well, Mother Nature had other plans, and last week we found ourselves quickly house-bound by two feet of snow, layered with sheets of ice like some kind of frosty layer cake. 

I took full advantage of being forced to stay at home, and tackled tasks I had been procrastinating on--inventory and prepping for taxes, cleaning the studio, and starting work on some projects. The garage was far too cold to even attempt soldering, but we are thawing out now and soon I will be able to tolerate the cold again. I would much rather solder in 35*F than 10*F!

In process jewelry with blue and green stones on a white background

One of the things that warmed my heart the most was seeing so much support from my customers and friends--losing out on so many days of work made me take stock and host a "Snow Day Sale" this past weekend. A number of my collectors made purchases, as did some friends and new customers, and I am beyond grateful. If you are reading this and you're one of those customers, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There is something so incredible about being seen, about my art being appreciated, about connecting with those who love it as much as I do. I get a thrill each and every time someone buys my jewelry, every time I see it worn out in public. I cannot quite put it into words, but I can tell you this--that little girl inside of me who so desperately wanted to be an artist does a happy dance every single time.


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