Bold and Bright: Jewelry for Wintery Grey Days

Bold and Bright: Jewelry for Wintery Grey Days

During these long wintry months, I find myself drawn to more vibrant colors--possibly to offset all the grey-ness. In the Pacific Northwest, we are usually socked in under state-wide clouds and mists drifting along the hills. The effect is a desaturated landscape of whites, greys, and muted colors. These jewels will give you that pop of color you're craving, and bring just a little more joy each time you wear them!

One of the things I love about rings is that you can see them every time you look at your hands. They are tiny sculptures to be worn and gazed at, sparking joy or strength or inspiration along the way. This Turquoise Ring is a great pop of color for these grey days!

If deep purples are more your style, this bold yet feminine necklace features a gorgeous Super Seven Amethyst set in Sterling Silver. On the reverse of the pendant is the silhouette of a soaring Red-Tailed Hawk next to a gold sun. This is a necklace for strength and power.

For the forest-lovers out there, these Chrysoprase Leaf Earrings are just for you! Set in sterling silver, with little gold accents, these earrings will light up your days for years to come. The vibrant green of these stones shines forth, and they are so easy to wear with everything. 

You can find the entire collection of jewelry here!

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