A Summer To Remember

A Summer To Remember

Summer Roses in Bright Pink

After a record-setting rainy spring, I have to say, this summer is one of the most perfect summers I have experienced in years. I have never seen a season start so predictably on Solstice, but this year it did.

Years ago, I used to attend this annual Summer Solstice gathering at a friend's property in the Columbia River Gorge. We would all park haphazardly on the grassy field, wander the property, set up tents, and catch up with friends. There was usually music--either bands playing or drumming--and we would all gather on blankets amidst the waving grass and enjoy each others company on the longest day of the year. Some of us would retire once darkness hit, while other stayed up singing and drumming until the wee hours of the morning. It always felt like such a beautiful way to celebrate the shift of seasons.

This year, Dave and I sat outside in our freshly mown yard, admiring our blossoming garden, ate dinner and chatted until we were ready to go inside. We go to sleep much earlier these days, whether it's light out or not, but goodness these longer days do us so much good.

Aside from the gorgeous weather, this summer is one to remember. In a few days, one of my little sisters is getting married! I am so thrilled that she has found a man who can match her strength of character, and treats her like the absolute queen that she is. They are such a good team together and I am going to cry my eyes out watching them wed. I am also so thrilled to see my brother and his wife (and my nephew!!!!) in this week leading up to the wedding--it has been a balm to my soul to have family around, especially since my brother will be deploying next year.

In early October, my other little sister will also be getting married! We will be going to Graceland (Memphis, TN) for that wedding and I'm excited to explore another new place that we've never been to! I'm so excited for this wedding too--there is little in life that fills me with joy like seeing my loved ones find their matches, especially after conflict and turmoil from previous relationships. I am so excited for those two lovebirds to saunter down the aisle!

Family is what will make this a summer to remember. What will make YOUR summer a memorable one??

As always, thank you for being here.

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