An Adventure in Adaptation - Exploring Community, Places, and Time

An Adventure in Adaptation - Exploring Community, Places, and Time

View of The Columbia River gorge from Catherine Creek

Well, the past few weeks have certainly been an adventure in adaptation! My new studio is officially set up, we are settled in (despite still having packed boxes) and are finally getting in to some semblance of a routine.

Since moving back out to the Gorge, I have found a new coffee shop that I love (essential), a full-on gluten free bakery (what!!), good food (including Indian food!), a great spot for Ziggy to run his little heart out, and a new hike to give me a challenge (see photo above).

No joke, that hike kicked my ass--I made it just over 1 mile in, with 700 feet in elevation climb, and I was toast. I turned back and headed home because I was concerned for my lungs, even though I am sure Ziggy would have found a way to pull me the entire way to the top. I've resolved to attempt this hike again until I conquer it. Then I will tackle a much harder hike that is basically in our back yard--all to prepare for a mountain climb in July.

My studio is officially set up and I am working away on new jewels for the upcoming Gathering of the Guilds show! It has been so nice to be able to approach these pieces with more intention and exploration. They are made with sterling silver, some gold and brass, gorgeous gemstones, and feature elements of the places that ignite your soul. Additionally, in May, I will be participating in a local exhibition in White Salmon, WA--more details on that soon!

Image showing jewelry sketches with stones laid over the sketches.

Time seems to move differently here. On one hand, I theoretically have all the time in the world, yet each day seems packed to the gills. Granted, I have had plenty of family around, been assisting with caring for a loved one, reunited with old friends, have been looking for jobs and running a business. I am so grateful that the days have been getting longer, because it definitely helps with feeling like I have more time on my side!

Please be sure to check out the Gathering of the Guilds website for all the details of the show--I would love to see you there!

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