Autumn Blessings

Autumn Blessings


Whenever this change of seasons comes around, I find myself fighting it, almost in disbelief at the audacity of autumn to waltz its way in and push out summer. I am a warm weather gal, mostly because I genuinely struggle to stay warm in the cooler months. I am also a cuddly, cozy gal, so once the morning chill sets in during October, I find myself giving in and getting ready to cuddle up with a sweater, tea and my journal. 

This summer passed by in such a whirlwind that I almost don't believe it happened. I found myself beyond busy with too many obligations, often gazing out at the beautiful weather while on my way from one commitment to another, and thinking, "I'm not enjoying summer!" I chalk it up to the busy-ness of getting settled in this new reality, and have promised to make more time for river days, hiking, and sunbathing next year.

Most of my commitments the past few months (outside of work) have involved jewelry production, which is such a blessing. I had a blast creating orders for Chemistry Jewelry in Hood River, inventory for shows, and pieces to send to Shearwater Gallery in Cannon Beach. 

I found myself vending at shows about 1-2x per month, which I quickly realized is far too many, especially on top of working almost full time. I have one show left of the year--Wild Arts Festival on November 18-19 in Portland--which I'm super excited about. Going forward, I will be vending at fewer shows in order to maximize my time in the studio and have a little more work-life balance. 

Throughout the summer, I've been able to see the majority of my family at various gatherings in Lake Tahoe, Hood River, and Boise, and each time it has been so fulfilling. I would happily buy a plot of land just so we could all build houses and live near each other if I could, I love them so much.

The past few weeks have been a balm to my soul. When I returned from Boise in September, my body promptly got sick, which was definitely a sign that I needed to slow down. So, when I was offered a long house/petsitting job in Hood River, I jumped on it, and have spent the past few weeks enjoying a quiet home with a cute dog and forest all around. I have been getting into the studio here and there, and will be going all-out once I am back home this week in preparation for my next show, but in the meantime, I am soaking up the relaxation.

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