Catherine Chandler Jewelry at Gathering of the Guilds

Catherine Chandler Jewelry at Gathering of the Guilds

Sterling Silver earrings and necklaces in process

At the end of April, I participated in the Creative Metal Arts Guild Spring Show as part of the Gathering of the Guilds. This is the second year I've participated in this show, and it's honestly one of my favorites--I get to see previous customers, meet new customers, connect with fellow metalsmith friends, and get a little shopping done (hello, mugs and Mother's Day!) 

sterling silver arched earring shapes with turquoise

This year, I brought a new collection of work to the show that incorporates some of my beloved nature silhouettes in sterling silver, framed by my signature silver shapes. This is a newer direction I've taken, trying to bring the cutouts and silhouettes to the "front" of the design, though I was asked multiple times about my cutouts behind stones, which I had few of in stock.

sterling silver silhouettes of trees, ferns and flowers

This new collection is currently at the Artistic Portland Gallery as part of their May show. A few favorites have already sold, happily: both of my "Moonrise Over Mt. Hood" necklaces, along with my "Celestial Whale" necklace (a Labradorite necklace with a Humpback Whale cutout behind the stone). 

I will have proper photos of all of the remaining pieces as soon as I have them back home with me, but in the meantime you can find more images of them on my Instagram!

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