Clarity - September 2020

Clarity - September 2020

A view down the Columbia River Gorge, facing west from Hood River. There is a large river flanked by mountains on either side and a bright sky.

It is quite something to feel—after years of doubt, fears, what-ifs, and excuses galore—the clouds in your mind shift, and open into a space of clarity. It’s as if the cobwebs have cleared, and my heart has shown me my true dreams. I knew they were there—I was just too scared to follow them.


A long necklace featuring a Royston Ribbon Turquoise teardrop shaped stone. The stone is focused and the chain leads away from the necklace.

Maybe it’s this endless quarantine. Maybe it’s the car accident I was in. Maybe it’s decades of pushing down my own dreams because of perceived obligations to others, or a lack of belief in myself. I am currently planning and organizing so that I get to live my life the way I truly want, and I am more excited than I’ve been in YEARS. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but I’ve at least got to try. (I know, I know…such elusiveness! I still have to run numbers and make sure everything lines up before I reveal too much!)

What dreams of yours have you followed? What dreams do you wish you’d pursued?

In the words of an old art professor:

“We have one life. Guaranteed death. Presumably no after-life. What are you going to do?”

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