Embracing and Being Embraced - Finding Community, New and Old

Embracing and Being Embraced - Finding Community, New and Old

Hand-painted bandana with sunset colors and animal silhouettes

I didn't really know what to expect when moving back home to the Gorge, when it came to connections and friendships. Would I be welcomed back by people we have known before? Would I be able to make new friends and connections? Where, how, when? 

Happily, once we found a new coffeeshop, and started to find our footing, we reunited with a few friends and family members through random run-ins, which is absolutely one of the things I've always loved about small towns. Also happily, through striking up a random conversation with a local shop owner, I was invited to participate in a local art show!

Hand-painted bandana blue green color with animal silhouettes

Sarah, the owner of Arrowleaf Work//shop in White Salmon, WA, invited me to participate in "Keep It Wild," a show featuring bandanas that had been altered by local artists. There are 17 artists participating in the show, and the bandanas range from being painted, to printed, to embellished with metal or quilting. It opened on May 1, and goes through the end of the month. I attended the opening, and it was fabulous to see everyone's bandanas on display and get to interact with them.

Hopefully this is the first of many art shows that I can participate in around the region--there is a vibrant and supportive arts community out here, and it is like a breath of fresh air to be connected to it.

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I’m beyond delighted that you and Dave are back in the Gorge. This area never fails to amaze with its unique weather patterns and its incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Welcome home!!

Heidi Chandler

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