From the Forest to the Ocean - July 2021

From the Forest to the Ocean - July 2021

A group of jewelry featuring turquoise, chrysoprase and other stones, set in sterling silver

This past month has been a blur of creativity, combined with a serious learning curve in business! I am thoroughly enjoying the process of being able to finally create ideas that have been floating around in my brain and sketchbooks for years; and as a lifetime learner, picking up the business techniques and knowledge is feeding that side of my brain, too!

Grouping of jewelry featuring sterling silver, larimar, and chrysoprase stones.

This month saw not one but TWO small shop updates — all pieces inspired by the forest or the ocean, along with a few basics that are great for everyday wear. Instead of working on one single “collection” at a time, I am organically building multiple lines within my repertoire. For instance, the Hummingbird, Fern, and Aspen earrings above are an evolution of the my more modern earrings combined with my love of organic elements. I have been yearning to combine various elements of my work for years, and I am finally able to do so—I hope you love what I am creating!

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