Gorge + Us

Gorge + Us

Sunset over the Columbia River Gorge

Things that have gone missing in this move:

  • Our toiletries
  • My husband's monitor stand
  • Miscellaneous kitchen items
  • Essential studio equipment like metals and flexshaft tools

They probably got mixed up and put in storage rather than brought to the new house, and all I can do is laugh and turn to the next task of getting us unpacked and organized. Realistically, who could be upset when we have a view like the one above?!


New Studio Space


My new studio space is *much* smaller than my previous one, but I'm figuring out a good layout for everything and getting it organized. The good thing about small spaces is that they force you to really think about the essentials of making. What do I *really* need to make my work? How an I streamline a space to make it function? I do really like to have space to spread out on, but I've also gotten used to taking up less space the past few months as I would regularly have to clear things off surfaces for house showings.

Everything still feels a little disjointed right now as we have to clean up and reorganize other peoples' belongings in order to make room for ours, since we are living with family. For instance, one of the big projects is cleaning up and organizing the garage so I can have my soldering space in there. Yesterday, we spent hours moving wood planks and sheets into another space in order to build shelves and organize garage items. I am sure we will be continuing the project today. My end goal is to have my studio fully up and running by the end of this next week, especially since I have a big show in a month!


Solar flare


Even with all the chaos, we are feeling very much at home here. We have visited some favorite places in the past week, had multiple dinners with my mom who lives nearby, and discovered some new hiking spots right in our back yard. I knew I was never meant to live in a city long term, and yet ended up in Portland for 17 years. My nervous system is feeling such relief at being back in the gorge with the open spaces, fresh air, and quieter pace of life.

I am already finding inspiration around me, as I knew I would, and I cannot wait to show you what's next!

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it was great running into you at the show in pdx love your work lets play soon

stephen labadie

So happy for you and David and the fact that you’re back where your hearts and souls will thrive. As you well know, I commuted for many years and no matter what the season and weather, the Gorge always presented with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Welcome home!!

Heidi Chandler

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