Inspiration: Mt. Hood

Inspiration: Mt. Hood

View of Mount Hood with autumn trees in the foreground and cloudy skies above.

The same mountain, from different views. Isn’t she gorgeous? I have had Mt. Hood in my view for most of my life. She gazes over the hills and valleys for miles, and we all gaze back in awe at her changing seasons and fashions. Seeing Mt. Hood in the distance has absolutely brought tears to my eyes on occasion—especially when she’s decked out in snow with a gorgeous sunset surrounding her. Or when I can just peek over the hilltops surrounding a mountain lake to see the top of her. Or when we are exploring her slopes—the sheer magnitude captivates me.

What is your favorite mountain? Is it near or far from you?

Darkened sterling silver necklace with a Mt Hood landscape on the back. Below the mountain and trees is a cutout showing the blues and browns of the stone set in the necklace, like a lake.

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