Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Recently, I posted a video of peak memories from this year on my Instagram. I may have cried while looking through all the videos in the making of that little reel. 2022 has been a WILD year. The energy of this year started off a little sluggish, and then propelled into a wild rocket-fueled frenzy. It was my year of COURAGE and my year of OVERWHELM. A year of visits, travel, weddings, new opportunities, missed opportunities, connections, and resolve. I have learned a lot about the way I manage my business, time, and resources, as well as how I spend my energy. As overwhelming as much of the year has been, I am truly grateful for all of the connections I have made, the loved ones I have been able to celebrate, and the dreams I have been able to pursue.

A few lessons:

  • Family & Loved Ones come first, always. I will never regret this.
  • Listen to your gut! Even if it is a faint voice, just listen (I ignored this once and missed a great opportunity to show my work in NYC)
  • Follow your heart--this is more in relation to design. I will not rush to create jewelry that needs more time spent with the design to really pull out its true potential.
  • Your loved ones want to support you! I am so lucky to have a supportive partner who accompanies me to bigger shows, and other family and friends who want to support my business however they can. It is truly a blessing.
  • Ask for help! It can be unnerving to ask for help from others when you're so used to doing most things on your own, but this is what allows for growth in the long run.
  • Trying to sell a house at the peak of holiday season might make you question your sanity.


Looking forward to 2023:

This will be an interesting year, for sure. I start by traveling to see my siblings before one of my brothers deploys to Kuwait for the year. I will be integrating other travel to see family and friends with shows this year, which is always fun!

We will see a house sale and move in the future, so I am trying not to invest in too many new tools and supplies because I don't want to lose them in the move! My studio may shrink temporarily, as well, so streamlining processes is important, as well as potentially outsourcing some aspects of production.

My word for this year is INTENTION. I want to intention to infuse what I am doing--creating my work, applying for shows, connecting with makers, spending my money, investing, etc. A big part of this is the desire to be more intentional in how I spend my time and energy in order to maximize my health and minimize my stress levels. One little thing at a time!

What are your lessons and goals at this New Year?

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