Making from the Heart

Making from the Heart

Grouping of various minerals, stones and antler tips

There's a funny thing that happens when you're trying to make a living from jewelry--the juggling of making what's in your heart and making simple, everyday pieces that are more affordable. Customers love both, and realistically, each of these are essential to a wider collection because they balance each other out.

If I were to always make what's truly in my heart, I would be making masterpieces that are priced accordingly and don't sell quite as fast. Alternately, if I only made simple everyday pieces, I wouldn't be feeding the passion in my heart, and would lose interest in my craft. 

As a wearer of jewelry, I like to alternate statement and simpler pieces in what I'm wearing. A bold ring on one hand and simple ring on the other. A simple necklace with statement earrings (and vice versa). A stone bracelet to bring a pop of color. 

Right now, I am building both collections, and loving the process. I want you to wear what you love, and to make what you love wearable. Honestly, that's why a lot of what I sell is one of a kind, with a few core repeatable pieces. It can be so easy to get lost in "making what sells," but you lose your soul in that. So, I am focusing on making from the heart. It is the same way many people balance their day jobs with adventure and travel--we must feed our souls.

Thank you for being here.


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