Night Sky Collection: New Mini-Collection!

Night Sky Collection: New Mini-Collection!

The newest additions to the Night Sky Collection are live, and I am thrilled with them! It started with the stones--Chalcopyrite, also known as Apache Gold--and blossomed from there. 

The necklace that started it all! The shape of the pyrite on this stone reminded me of Moonflowers. I wanted to bring that inspiration to the front of the setting, rather than just having cutouts behind the stone. I love how the gold flower reflects that in the stone!


Moonflower Earrings featuring sterling silver and gold. These were also inspired by the shape in the chalcopyrite stone necklace, and I love the framed 3D quality of them. Creating these definitely sparked some inspiration for future designs!


I love the landscape quality of this necklace--it reminds me of a moon-lit desert landscape. The contrast of the black and gold in the stone is gorgeous, and I found that this necklace pairs beautifully with my Brass Star Earrings!


Finally, we have these gorgeous earrings that scream Hollywood glam! These ones feature Chalcopyrite and Onyx set in sterling silver. I love how the onyx picks up on the black stone within the pyrite. These are gorgeous and surprisingly light!

Thank you for being here and following my journey!

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