Of Birds and Ferns - September 2021

Of Birds and Ferns - September 2021

Group of jewelry featuring imagery of ferns, aspen leaves and hummingbirds along with blue stones.

In a recent small collection, I explored some new techniques and ideas utilizing some gorgeous nature motifs. Many of these are making repeat appearances in my work - hummingbirds, aspen leaves, ferns, etc. Each bit of nature that is integrated into my jewelry has spoken to me in some way. For instance, Hummingbirds have always represented hope to me, and have often appeared during very difficult times in my life. Aspens represent a place beloved to my heart—Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

What elements of Nature speak to you??

This collection also features some gorgeous stones with beachy tones - the sky blues of Larimar, and sandy hues of a petrified Sand Dollar.

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