The Balancing Act of an Artist

The Balancing Act of an Artist

It is amazing what you can do when you have the time and space for creativity. Yesterday, at the show I was doing, a former teacher and mentor fell in LOVE with this necklace. I can't blame her--it's gorgeous!

It was a joy to experiment with, plan, make a mock-up, and finally create such a unique setting for that reflects the beauty of that stone. The creation of this necklace tapped into what I would call the "artistic method" (i.e. scientific method) I learned in art school, which is a mode of working that I often crave but more often have too little time or energy for these days.

One of the things that was referenced in our conversation was the more experimental work I made in college, which always have a soft spot in my heart. There is such a balance we as small business owners/makers/artists have to strike in order to earn a living, especially if we are "small fry" in the scheme of things--we have to make and sell beautiful sellable items that also reference our artistic expressions. If we go too far in one direction or the other (too experimental or too commercial) we run the risk of failure.

So every once in a while, amidst the beautiful jewelry I make that is great for everyday wear, I like to throw some caution to the wind and make something like this Moonflower Necklace. It is big, it is bold, it is slightly weird, it took a good while to make, and the price reflects all of that.

It was such an honor to hear this woman talk about what she loved about this piece and to know that the hard work I put into it, and the vision I saw in it, really spoke to another human being. That conversation also sparked the courage in me to continue working on some more experimental pieces (and to actually push them farther than I had planned) that are partly finished on my bench because I know I don't have the right amount of time at the moment. I am soooo looking forward to being able to tackle those now, but I'm sure it will have to wait until the holidays are over and potentially until we have moved into a new place.

Until then, remember that those conversations we have with others really have huge impacts. If you love another persons work, tell them! You will make their day, I can assure you of that. And to my former professor/mentor, THANK YOU. I cannot wait to show you what I've been dreaming of.


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