The Importance of Creating for the Sake of Creating

The Importance of Creating for the Sake of Creating

Image showing a spiral of links of various forms and metals.

In 2021, I embarked on a daily creative project that I called "Link A Day." After a few years of working a corporate job, and being bogged down my health issues due to a car accident in 2020, I was craving reconnection with my creative self but needed a little help with inspiration and motivation.

I would create a long chain, consisting of random links created each day for the year. There was no limit on materials, size, or subject--they could be as simple or as intricate as I wanted. The main point of this project was simply to be creating!

So, that's what I did! Utilizing scrap metal, random materials around the studio, and unique stones, I created links each day. Occasionally they would be more elaborate, but most of them were fairly straightforward explorations of what a "link" was. As I tested new connection techniques, I started to see the project as a way of exploring cold connections, wire wrapping, and various metalsmithing techniques.

Here are a few of my favorite links from the project:

Sterling silver and jasper bead wrapped with brass wire

 yellow beaded geometric shape


Half domed rusted metal object wire wrapped with brass


sterling silver wire shaped into letters spelling "courage"


coral wire wrapped with silver wire


large moon shape in brass


sterling silver and brass flower


brass flower shape and silver heart wrapped with brass wire




Have you ever embarked on a daily, weekly, or monthly practice? They are phenomenal for keeping you flexible in your creative endeavors! 

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