When It Rains, It Pours!

When It Rains, It Pours!


What. A. Season! This is the busiest season of my life in the past handful of years, and boy am I glad for my ability to just put one foot in front of the other and get through it. Between house/pet-sitting multiple places, my job, being part of a gallery co-op, prepping for multiple shows, assisting photographing a wedding, attending weddings, hosting family, gathering with friends visiting from out of town, helping friends with medical conditions, and trying to manage my own home and garden...I am what you could say is stretched a little thin. Surprisingly, it is all totally manageable, though I do wish that I was more able to really sit in and enjoy some of these moments.

It feels as though everyone is trying to make up for lost time (the past two years)--as if being "stuck" at home for the past two years has propelled them into a frenzy of travel and "doing." Time also feels like it is moving at warp speed--it was just June, and now we are halfway through August! Part of me is screaming, "slow down slow down!!" and the other part is saying, "don't worry, this is just one season of our life, it will all be okay."

There are moments of rest and enjoyment, though, and I find that in this frenzy I am more focused on soaking these up knowing that they will be shortly lived. While walking dogs, I am more focused on the beauty around us rather than just getting through the walk. During a recent stint at the beach photographing a wedding, I made sure to take time to enjoy the smells and sights of the ocean and sand. Due to scheduling conflicts, I recently only had a short period of time to say hello to my sister in law and nephew, so I greeted them at the airport and soaked up that little bit of time between the gate, baggage claim, and sending them off in the car. 

Even in this busy season, there are opportunities to really center and enjoy things. I will take every bit of that until mid-October when I can actually fully relax.

Has this summer been extra busy for you? Are you finding quiet moments to enjoy?

Thank you for being here.


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